12 April 2020

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Burj Khalifa

Happy Easter to all our Christian members


Coronavirus: Even pedestrians and cyclists need a permit to go out in Dubai

This week has seen an increase in restrictions to our freedom of movement, to safeguard everyone from the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and everyone is now required to obtain an online permit, amongst other requirements, in order to leave their homes.

To apply for a movement permit log on to https://dxbpermit.gov.ae/permits.

Please observe all requirements, in accordance with government guidelines, and help us all to defeat the spread of this virus and to save lives.



If at any point you need to return to the UK urgently / for an emergency then please email: uaeconsular.escalations@fco.gov.uk
with the following details:  Full name, passport number, visa status (tourist or resident), contact details, details of your particular circumstance

RL Circles News

RL is posting activities and ideas on FaceBook for RL members to enjoy at home.  We are asking all RL members to send us pictures, videos and suggestions of activities and crafts that they are doing at home which other RL members would be interested inKally’s mosaic


Some of the things we have been sent this week include recipes, sewing projects, a quick lesson in Arabic and yoga sessions. Particularly useful is Youtube where you can learn anything via online tutorials.

Please contact Jackie on circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com with your pictures, suggestions and activities


Suggested Activities


Helen Kacnik has sent in some great suggestions for making DIY face masks from videos found on Youtube.  Her mother made this great example from https://youtu.be/wcMhjFNEqCo



The Gardening Circle suggested this very useful gardening calendar produced by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment which has published a timetable for planting vegetables & fruits in the United Arab Emirates and most probably can be used all around the Gulf States as well


Another gardening tip is, now that the weather is warming up, your petunias may be on their last legs so it’s a good time to take them out of your pots/hanging baskets and replace them with portuluca.

Portuluca comes in a wide range of colours, thrives in the heat and needs very little care – what’s not to like?


Sara and Anshu have both taught themselves quilting from scratch.  Sara recommends the US youtube star Jenny Doan, who started the Missouri Star Quilt Company and produces amazing video tutorials, as her inspiration. Sara completed this patchwork last week.





Everyone is spending a lot of time cooking at the moment so Monica has sent these suggestions for easy treats to make at home.  Fadwa, the Egyptian Cooking circle leader, has supplied a recipe on FaceBook for everyone’s favourite snack, hummus, and given a short lesson in Arabic.

Please send in your videos and pictures of the masterpieces you are cooking at home to circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com.




Elizabeth the art circle leader has suggested a new activity called Zentangles and she has sent in a few designs. There is a tutorial on Youtube (of course) which you might wish to look at. Zentangles do not require much in the way of materials, a piece of paper and a pen are sufficient.

Maybe take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXaLQzyjA2U and you could create something like this design?

Members of the art circle are using all this spare time to continue painting and Rita has sent in a lovely portrait.  Again, you’ve guessed it, there are amazing art tutorials on youtube so everyone can learn to sketch, paint or doodle.  If you don’t have any equipment look at the iPad art apps, if its good enough for David Hockney…..


Rajul, the silk painting circle leader, has suggested drawing mandalas using plates as a template and coloured pencils or pens.  It is therapeutic and everyone can come up with a unique concept and pattern

Rajul has also been creating her gorgeous silk paintings which are spectacularly beautiful

The Yoga Circle
Keep Fit with Yoga!

Mariana’s yoga group usually meets every Monday and Thursday but while classes are on hold you can still carry on keeping fit !  She is live streaming Kids Yoga at Home on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m and Yoga for Adults at 5.30pm on Thursday.   Look out for more from Mariana on FB



Carole has suggested this YouTube video to keep us all walking at home – a great 15 min workout. There are a variety of walks, timings and speeds so there is something for everyone.

She wonders if any one is up for the challenge she and her Scottish Dancers have set, to do the 30 minute fast walking.


Carole has also taken this opportunity to look through her old photographs (who doesn’t have boxes of photos from years ago?) and to sort and digitally upload them.  She has been able to enhance some of the prints as she collates them.  Is this a job you have been promising to do for years? This is the perfect moment

The Literary Lunch Circle

Hopefully on 20th April. The Book Circle is also hopefully on 14th April. All dates may change.

Happy reading!


Important Info

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