Art Circle

Elizabeth the art circle leader has suggested a new activity called Zentangles and she has sent in a few designs. There is a tutorial on Youtube (of course) which you might wish to look at. Zentangles do not require much in the way of materials, a piece of paper and a pen are sufficient.

Maybe take a look at and you could create something like this design?


Art classes: Thursday mornings, 10 am to 12 noon

If you would like to come along email Elizabeth at to paint on a Monday afternoon.

Circle Leader: Elizabeth was honoured for her work by the leaders of the UAE. Congratulations Liz

Art Circles Exhibition

RL Social Morning presented an Art Exhibition by the extremely talented art circle members, led by their fantastic teacher Elizabeth Bruce.

RL members had the opportunity to choose their favourite pictures from the exhibition and the unanimous winner was Nazareen with her beautiful painting of the market seller surrounded by fruit. Runners up were Eleanor with her giraffe and Sana with her collage of a lady in a headscarf. Wonderful works.