Art Circle

The Art Circle meet on Thursday mornings at various venues.

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The Art Circle is thrilled to announce that Rajul, our silk painting circle leader, has agreed to lead our Art Circle in the techniques of acrylic painting. Rajul enjoys all forms of creative art and is a talented embroiderer, glass and oil painter and enjoys pencil drawing and creating zentangles and mandalas.

Here are some beautiful pieces painted with acrylics:

Carole Binbrek

Sara Sutton

This is Carole’s still life in acrylics. Below are Alex, Carole and Sara’s lovely Claude Monet’s

Eleanor has drawn this delightful chimpanzee.

Art Circles Exhibition

RL Social Morning presented an Art Exhibition by the extremely talented art circle members, led by Elizabeth Bruce.

RL members had the opportunity to choose their favourite pictures from the exhibition and the unanimous winner was Nazreen with her beautiful painting of the market seller surrounded by fruit. Runners up were Eleanor with her giraffe and Sana with her collage of a lady in a headscarf. Wonderful works.