Gardening Circle

The theme of the next Gardening Circle will be announced soon but it will be on 23rd January

We had a very interesting evening on 18 November, many thanks to Brad Fawcett from Gardens2Go for demonstrating his modular lights, vertical planters and greenhouses. A big thank you also to Carole Binbrek for hosting and allowing us to use her beautiful garden.

As well as giving us a very informative talk, Brad also kindly donated some prizes for a mini raffle – Shelley, Amanda and Sari were the lucky winners and we look forward to seeing what they plant in their new containers!

 Brad’s main focus is to provide residents both a permanent garden solution with products that are also easily relocatable for the rental market tenants.

The lighting modules are extremely easy to set up, are fully weather/water proof and also very economical as they are very low voltage but still give off good light.

He represents Holman Industries of Australia for quality App Operated DIY garden lights, green walls (vertical gardening) and green houses.

Another useful item is the Smart Water Cell which offers a rechargeable pumped water supply for green walls or green houses on balconies where there generally is not a readily available water or power supply. This mobile tank is also useful for applying liquid fertilizers.

The products are available in a number of outlets including Gardenworx at the Community Centre, Homesmiths at Motor City and the Dubai Garden Centre.

Brad is happy to provide consultation free of charge to help you decide how to best utilise these lighting modules in your garden. His contact details are attached with this message and price list available on request.