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We are a Dubai-based ladies organisation providing members with opportunities to meet and share ideas and interests.  Although many of our activities are based in the Arabian Ranches, we welcome ladies living in all areas of Dubai.  We hold weekly multi-cultural social mornings, including programmes with fascinating guest speakers, coffee and snacks.  
As a member of Ranches Ladies you will be able to join our many Circles, attend our trips and excursions and take advantage of the many discounts available only to our members. Look around our pages to see what is on offer and come along on Tuesday mornings to find out more.
Our Social Mornings are held every Tuesday from 9.30 am – 12.00 noon, in the Baker Finch Room, Arabian Ranches Golf Club.  New members and guests are always welcome! 

RL Tuesday Social Morning

10 December 2019: Joud Outry

InsideUr Box

At this Tuesday’s social morning we welcome Joud Outry, a Syrian interior designer and founder of My Fakra,  a non-profit platform dedicated to empowering creative Arab women. She is also a blogger and her blog InsideUrBox covers everything related to inside your house/office/space in terms of inspirational interior design ideas, tips and is a useful guide to people looking to make their space trendy and unique
At the Coffee Morning we will discuss how we can prepare our house for the Winter Holidays, not by necessarily buying new things but by using what we already have. No need to completely change the furniture/accessories or build it from scratch but just to add live/glitz to our space or just remodeling it without buying new pieces.
see her website (
Upcoming Social Morning
18 December 2019: Festive Garden Party

On Wednesday 18 December Carole will host her annual festive garden party in Savannah for members of Ranches Ladies and their visiting house guests. All offers of food are welcome. There will be an entrance fee of 55 dirhams which will be used for RL fundraising.

Please let Carole know on if you would like to come along and the numbers in your party as space is limited

An extraordinary AGM will be held on 7th January 2020. Most of us would be at a loss without the social morning, circles, outings, entertainment and friendships all made possible by our membership of Ranches Ladies so please pop along and show your support for 14 years of our fabulous club at 10.30-11am

Last Week’s Programme
3 December 2019: Informal Coffee Morning

Next week we will enjoy an extended weekend holiday to celebrate UAE National Day festivities. The RL social morning will not take place but you are invited to join us for coffee and breakfast at Arabian Ranches Golf Club restaurant from 9.30am on Tuesday 3rd December if you are free.

26 November 2019: Andreea Stefanescu

The School of Manners

Last Tuesday we welcomed Andreea Stefanescu from The School of Manners to talk about Hostessing and Dining Touches.  Andreea was extremely knowledgeable about etiquette and manners and was able to use her many years of experience to teach us about how to be the perfect hostess

Learn more about Andreea’s work on her website at:

19 November 2019: Festive Bazaar

The Festive Bazaar was last Tuesday and was a triumph. Thank you to Hayet, her team of helpers, all our wonderful stallholders and the generous attendees who came in their droves to support Ranches Ladies and to celebrate the state of the festive season with us.

We had a full house of contributors to the Bazaar including our own Art Circle leader Elizabeth Bruce, the RL Quilters, Oasis Fashion, UOwnCalmness, Joanna Low, Tamara Noori, Anna D, Fashion Rebel, RockNStyle and KumKum Ramchandani to name but a few. See our Festive Bazaar page and our events page on FB to see their profiles and pictures from the day itself.

12 November 2019: Federica Mele

Time Management

At RL Social Morning on Tuesday 12 November Federica Mele spoke in detail about Time Management

We discussed the meaning and the benefits of time management, 5 steps to stretch our time, discover what really matters to us, how to be in control to perform at our peak and the power of your positive mental state. Thank you Federica for an informative presentation

5 November 2019: Victoria Hassani

Women’s Health Connector

Victoria is co-founder of the Women’s Health Connector, an online, collaborative platform dedicated to education, information and peer sharing of women’s health topics for an underserved market segment, namely women in the 35-65+ age group.

Tuesday’s talk highlighted the origin and initiatives underway by the group and how each of us can participate. In addition, we discussed how to advocate for your own health and a short introduction to the “Happiness Curve”, or why life gets better after 50.

Previous Programmes
29 October 2019: President’s Talk
Living with Breast Cancer

RL was privileged to hear Beth Beggs, RL President, talk so candidly about her breast cancer. Beth’s superb talk covered her discovery of her lump through to her treatment and a general discussion of cancer treatment in the UAE and breast cancer generally.

Thank you Beth for your vivid, informative and immensely uplifting presentation.

22 October 2019: Nithya Rajkumar Photography

The Art Of Seeing (a photographer’s perspective)

Thank very much to Nithya Rajkumar for her wonderful talk at RL Social Morning today.

Nithya is a professional photographer and is offering 15% discount to RL members who want to book a classic portrait session or take up a group photography workshop in November.

15 October 2019: Kyra Van Den Berg

“Energy Vampires”

“Energy Vampires” was the fascinating topic at RL Social Morning last Tuesday by Kyra van den Berg. She told us about situations, people and places we all recognised! And gave us strategies to cope with them.

Thank you very much Kyra for a great presentation.

8 October 2019: The Big Circles Morning

RL Big Circles Morning was a Big success. Lots of new members and many sign ups to our wonderful selection of Circles. Come along every Tuesday to our RL Social mornings from 9.30am and keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

1 October 2019:  Spirals Beauty Salon

Quick Styles Workshop

The Team from Spirals Beauty Salon hosted a hands on, interactive workshop at RL Tuesday Social Morning to demonstrate a selection of “On the Run” hairstyles showing simple styling techniques on a willing volunteer.  RL members then formed groups to practice the styles on each other with the guidance of a Spirals’ team member! This was a fun programme .

24 September 2019: Christina Balhui

On Tuesday 24th September Ranches Ladies were fascinated by Christina Balhui, a registered Hypnotherapist. Her talk was about hypnosis and hypnotherapy and she debunked the common misconceptions about hypnosis and emphasised the scientifically proven benefits of hypnotherapy.

Christina is generously offering a free 20 minute consultation for all current RL members and also 15% off her hourly rate. It is definitely a good idea to speak to her about any of your concerns, from weight issues to a broken heart.

17 September 2019: Dr Salam Al-Khayyet

On 17th September RL welcomed Dr Salam Al-Khayyat, an orthodontist employed by our loyal discount partner Drs Nicolas & Asp Dental Practice.  Dr Salam spoke to RL about the benefits of orthodontic treatment and teeth correction. She demonstrated that having a perfect smile boosts confidence and good looks. Her “before and after” slides were very persuasive and reinforced the need for great mouth care.

She also gave every member a goody bag from Drs Nicolas & Asp, thank you Dr Salam!

10 September 2019:  Aditi Belame Kumar

Aditi grew up in Al Ain and after a career in the corporate world now runs an art gallery and writes books. She will talk to us about her career development and about her latest coffee table book HUMR AN-NA’AM TREASURE OF THE DESERT.

“Ḥumr An-Naʿam is beautifully written and presents the idea of post-and pre-oil era of Arabs and their love for camels, their traditions, and values.

May 28th 2019: Julia Johnson

Children’s Author, Storyteller and Performer

RL Social Morning was graced on Tuesday by award winning UAE author and storyteller Julia Johnson. She kept everyone entertained by her stories of living in Dubai since 1975, the inspiration for her many successful books.

Her books are used in schools across the UAE to teach children about the real Arabian Gulf but her books are loved for their depiction of local characters. Thank you Julia for a super presentation.

May 21st 2019: Flormar Cosmetics
and the Art Circles Exhibition

RL Social Morning hosted a team from Flormar Cosmetics who gave us a wonderful Make Up Masterclass with RL member Mandy as their lovely model. The results are superb.

In addition to a wonderful morning watching a true make up artist at work, thank you Eileen, all guests received a complimentary Flormar bag and 30% discount voucher for Flormar products.

RL Social Morning presented an Art Exhibition by the extremely talented art circle members, led by their fantastic teacher Elizabeth Bruce.

RL members had the opportunity to choose their favourite pictures from the exhibition and the unanimous winner was Nazareen with her beautiful painting of the market seller surrounded by fruit. Runners up were Eleanor with her giraffe and Sana with her collage of a lady in a headscarf. Wonderful works.

May 14th 2019: Hayet Zerelli

This week at the RL Tuesday social morning we welcomed back Hayet, our RL vice president and successful jewellery maker. Hayet fixed broken jewellery and her particular talent is to adapt and re-imagine your existing jewellery to give it a new lease of life. She brought along a selection of her own magnificent jewellery for us to admire. You can find Hayet at Arte Market in Times Square Mall every 1st and 3rd Friday and at Mercato Mall on the 2nd and 4th Fridays.

May 7th 2019: Rachna Salon

Henna Designs

This week at the RL Tuesday social morning we welcomed the talented team from Rachna Salon who applied free henna designs to the Ranches Ladies. Their artistry is incredible and we also discovered some of the history of this beautiful tradition and marvelled at their gorgeous designs. Rachna has become a recognized henna and beauty brand with over 70 locations across the region but find them nearby at Motor City near Spinneys.

April 30th 2019: Yvonne Stoop

This week at the RL Tuesday social morning we welcomed Yvonne Stoop, the national title holder of the 2018 Goldwell Hairstylist Competition. Yvonne has been working at the high end Dubai Institution ‘Salon Ink’ based in Umm Sequeim 2 for almost 7 years. Yvonne talked to us about the current trends in hairdressing, especially in colouring. Thank you very much Yvonne.

April 23rd 2019: AGM

and TransformBody Ladies Centre

Today was our 2019 Ranches Ladies AGM. Most of us would be lost without the circles, outings, entertainment and friendships all made possible by membership of Ranches Ladies.  Connie celebrated her 1st year as President and this year is ending on a high note with great membership numbers, thriving circles and activities and a lot of very happy members. Thank you to Connie for all her hard work and great leadership.

Also joining us for a morning of beauty and giveaways were the ladies from Transform Body Ladies Centre in Motor City.  During the morning they offered nail polish change, head and shoulders massage and mini Dermalogica facials. Each lady left with a Dermalogica free sample and some lucky members received vouchers.

April 16th 2019: Sonja from Grit Girls!!

On Tuesday 16th April we had an exciting programme at RL social morning!  Sonia from Grit Girls talked to us about her passion for dirt bikes and her quest to get more women involved in this exhilarating sport, to release our inner grit and determination alongside the best of the best. Could dirt biking could be your new weekend pastime? A number of RL members think it could and have signed up for one of Grit Girls upcoming taster sessions. Find them on FB.

April 9th 2019: Two Wise Women

On Tuesday 9th April 2 Wise Women Loraine and Becks presented a lovely talk on how their life stories have shaped their lives and encouraged them to spread the message on living a chemical free lifestyle and you can reap the benefits of yoga to support us in our daily lives. They offer yoga workshops, breathing techniques, meditation, chakra balancing and natural products to help you lead a healthier and more mindful life.

April 2nd 2019: Nada Ahmed

A Speech about Tolerance in the Year of Tolerance 2019

2019 is the UAE Year of Tolerance! Nada discussed with us the concept of diversity in the UAE and shared the benefits of tolerance and diversity in our community of Dubai. We loved meeting Nada and sharing her thoughts on this interesting topic.

March 26th 2019: Dr Jennifer Kasirsky MD

The HPV Virus

Dr Kasirsky is a doctor specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the new Mediclinic Parkview Hospital. She spoke to us about the hugely important subject of teen health and specifically the HPV virus and the need for vaccinations. Thank you, Dr Jennifer, for giving us a wake up call today about HPV vaccinations. No woman needs to die of cervical cancer. By vaccinating our young teens and with regular pap smear tests we can all be safe.

It was a really inspirational talk and she gave us a great goodie bag too!

March 19th 2019: Maria Isabel Beykovsky

Style in the Sand

Maria is a personal stylist and colour consultant whose mission is to enable us to make the best of our wardrobes by choosing the right colors and styles that truly reflect our personalities. Maria considered the impact of colour on our appearance and how to work with colours to gain the best effects. She directed us to current trends and how to update our wardrobes without breaking the bank!

She also gave us the incredible insight that people are judged on their appearance within 7 seconds of meeting someone, and rarely completely positively! But it is entirely within our power to enhance the way we look.

Maria offers a range of packages and is offering a discount on her colour assessment for RL members. Look at her FB page #styleinthesand for more information

March 12th 2019: Ana Caragea

4 Rhythms of Feminine Energy

On Tuesday 12th March Ana Caragea talked to RL on a topic entitled 4 Rhythms of Feminine Energy and discussed practical ways of using this awareness in our daily life.  Ana is a leadership coach and her focus is to introduce the concept that as women we function in a different way to men and by becoming aware of ourselves we can use this understanding to better plan and activate our daily routines. Thank you Ana.

March 5th 2019: Suz McDonald 

Holistic Wellbeing Specialist

Suz is the founder and owner of Sourceful a life style and events consultancy specialising in holistic wellbeing through meditation, yoga, ThetaHealing, Reiki, mindfulness and art therapy. Suz led us in a mandala art workshop and spoke to us about using art therapy as a therapeutic tool.

February 26th 2019 Talk: Dedra Stevenson

Dedra is an author and film producer based in UAE. She has published a number of books and is soon releasing a series of children’s books, a crime novel and the prequel to her The Hakima’s Tale trilogy. She is also receiving acclaim for her film Lemonade about bringing up a child with autism. Ranches Ladies thank Dedra for her fascinating talk about her road from Alabama to UAE and the impetus that pushed into writing.  Dedra recommends her book Desert Magnolia as the best introduction to her writing.

February 19th 2019 Talk: Safi Roshdy

Upscaling and Sustainability

Safi, our Arabic Conversation Circle leader, is the founder of Ahlanwasahlan Organisation and is fascinated by transforming useless unwanted objects into more durable and useful, and often unique, alternative items. She spoke to  us about the different possibilities and products available here, and around the world, from upcycled shopping bags to furniture.

 Gaelin, who leads our Leather jewellery Circle, is an expert at using unlikely materials in her jewellery making and exhibited today

February 12th 2019 Talk: Claudia Cabrales, Interior Designer

How to create Striking Interiors

Claudia gave us a great presentation about the interior styling trends for 2019. She offers 2 packages for her clients based on their personal design requirements and most enjoys working with the accessories and furniture you already own. Come and get design tips from an expert!

Also joining us on Tuesday morning was My Quality and Convenience online grocery store. Voula told us about their fantastic delivery services of farm fresh produce at wholesale prices and gave fruit and vegetable hampers to attendees. Take a look at their website She offered great discounts to RL members too.

Upcoming Talks

On 26th February Dedra Stevenson, a local author of novels and cookbooks, will address us and the following week Suz McDonald of Sourceful will present a Mandala Workshop. Finally on 12th March will be our fashion morning. More information about all these presentations will follow soon. 

February 5th 2019 Talk: Shamma Clinic

Facial Aesthetics using Botox and Fillers

Gulzhan Saipova and a team from SHAMMA Clinic, one of our RL beauty discount partners, gave a very popular presentation to enthusiastic Ranches Ladies. She told us about the differences between Botox and Fillers and showed us the improvements that can be made to your facial appearance.

SHAMMA Clinic also gave goodie bags to all RL members containing products from La Roche Posay and L’Oreals SkinCeuticals ranges with a voucher for a free full facial treatment experience. This was a wonderful presentation. Thank you SHAMMA Clinic.

January 29th 2019 Talk: Yvette Judge
The Emirates Literature Festival 2019

A hugely entertaining talk was given by Yvette today about the guests who will be gracing the platform at this year’s Emirates Festival of Literature and some of the gossip and preparations for this year’s festival. Please go to for more information.

January 22nd 2019 Talk: Martine Nates  
A Mindful Approach to Stress Release

Martine is a qualified acupuncturist and certified mindful meditation practitioner.  She presented a gentle and relaxing session about mindful meditation and taught us a simple technique to alleviate some of the symptoms of stress, the 3 minute Breathing Space.

January 15th 2019 Talk: Elizma Hoffman of YOUnique Beauty

The word Fascia is new to the beauty and health industry but not new to our bodies. At school we learned about the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and connective tissue. But we were never taught about fascia. Elizma is trained in massage and beauty and told us about this new physiological concept at the RL Social Morning. She also offered free 5 minute neck and shoulder massages before her talk and gave everyone a free goodie bag.

 January 8th 2019 Talk: Dr Sucharita Ghosh of Apex Medical
Handling Medical Emergencies in Dubai

Dr Ghosh is a GP with Apex Medical in Motor City.

Dr Sucharita Ghosh and Shilpa Kane from Apex Medical joined RL Social Morning today. Dr Ghosh gave us extremely helpful advice on dealing with medical emergencies in the home. Don’t hesitate to call 999 or visit your doctor if you have any serious medical concerns. She told us that the government ambulance service will take you to the Rashid Hospital which offers excellent care in all circumstances.