How To Join Our Membership

1st September 2017 – 31st August 2018

Join Us

Membership Application Form – Please click on this link to download the application and arrange for it to be handed in on a Tuesday Social Morning together with the annual fee of 120 AED.   If you can’t join us on a Tuesday morning then you can email us for suggestions on how to join. Several of our Circle leaders can often get forms and membership cards for you. Please note, because of the CDA Regulations, we require  a copy of your  ID card or passport. We will then issue you with a Membership Card and Receipt.

  • Everyone renews their membership on the 1st September and not the month of joining.

  • Our annual membership fee is 120 Dhs. The deadline to renew Membership is 30th October each year.  Ladies will be asked to join if they attend Tuesday morning meetings more than three times a year

  • Please bring your Dubai ID card when you join or renew and we will copy it or you can give us a copy (front & back of ID).  This is a requirement from the CDA.  If you don’t yet have an ID card, bring your passport.

  • Upon payment you will receive a membership card, a password and full access to the ‘protected’ pages on the website, enjoy all our fun circle activities, exciting events and enjoy discounts we have been able to negotiate from local suppliers.

  • Alternatively, our Committee Members and our Meet & Greet Ladies are able to offer you membership cards on payment anytime. We are also happy to have your friends apply for membership for you.

  • The organisation is entirely non-profit and non-commercial whilst supported by volunteers.

  • Each attendance to the Tuesday Coffee Morning involves paying 50 Dhs (adults and children above 12yrs) or 20 Dhs (children 4yrs -12yrs) on entry to the Golf Club for the use of room and refreshments.

  • Visitors are welcome and will be asked to pay 60 Dhs on entry (50 Dhs to Golf Club and 10 Dhs to Ranches Ladies).

  • Please read our Mission Statement