Poetry Circle

Circle Leader: Carole   Email: circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com

Carole’s poetry circle are keen to Zoom. Let her know if you’d like to join her poetry reading session on circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com


Poet: Clarence Thomas Urmy

Not what we have, but what we use;
Not what we see, but what we choose –
These are the things that mar or bless
The sum of human happiness.

The things near by, not things afar,
Not what we seem, but what we are –
These are the things that make or break,
That give the heart its joy or ache.

Not what seems fair, but what is true;
Not what we dream, but good we do –
These are the things that shine like gems,
Like stars in fortune’s diadems.

Not as we take, but as we give,
Not as we pray, but as we live –
These are the things that make for peace,
Both now and after Time shall cease

We meet once a month on a Monday afternoon, 2.30 pm in Savannah.  The next meeting is on 24th February. Join us for a relaxed afternoon with friends. We read aloud our favorite poems to each other on a chosen topic.