Egyptian Cooking

Fadwa is not just a great cook, she is a keen quilter and avid crocheter

Fadwa’s hummus recipe

It’s a Lebanese food not Egyptian! She loves it and this is her way to make it…enjoy!

1 can of hummus (w/out the water) ,2 tps of yougart, (1/2 _1) lime, Cummin ,salt and about 1/4cup of tahina

Mix every thing well in the food processor till the mixture very smooth. if needed add 1tps of water or small piece of ice and mix again

Adjust salt as your taste

Serve in a bowl and decorate with some hummus and olive oil (be generous with olive oil) and some paprika 😋

The Egyptian cooking circle is every 2 weeks and you will learn the best Egyptian recipes and enjoy eating the results after the class. The next class in Mirdif will be announced soon. This is what they made last week!

Circle Leader:   Fadwa