19 January 2020

Ranches Ladies Newsletter

RL Tuesday Social Morning

 Our Social Morning will meet this week from 9.30-12 noon in the Restaurant at Arabian Ranches Golf Club.
21 January 2020: Informal Coffee Morning

Please join Ranches Ladies for a coffee and conversation in the Restaurant at Arabian Ranches golf club from 9.30am on Tuesday 21 January. There will be no speaker or entrance fee, just chatting. Please come along for a relaxed start to your day.

14 January 2020: Annual General Meeting

An extraordinary AGM was held on 14th January 2020 and we are extremely grateful to everyone who came along to support us. Over 50 RL members joined Mr Sayeed and Mr Musaid from the Community Development Authority and we received approval for the legal changes we have made to our board. Thank you very much for your support and for making the effort to help us. We are very grateful.

At the AGM we said a very tearful farewell to Beth who has calmly led Ranches Ladies through a turbulent year and is leaving UAE to return to South Africa as her husband has retired. Thank you very much Beth, you are handing RL over to a new team in a much better position than before and with the support of everyone in RL for the leadership you have displayed.

It is with great pleasure that we announce we now have a new President, Vice President and Treasurer. Hayet Zerelli has been our loyal and hard working Vice President for many years but we have at last persuaded her to take the big job and RL is delighted to announce her as our new President. Right beside her we have Julia Handley who is taking on the role of Vice President but will be working very closely in partnership with Hayet and the committee as a unified team. Anne Archibald, also a longstanding busy committee member, has been appointed as treasurer. Welcome to you all.

It is the new Board’s hope that by working closely with the committee and all RL members, listening to your opinions and trying out new things, Ranches Ladies can adapt and change through the new decade. Please support us by your attendance, feedback and suggestions.

RL Fashion Show: 10 February 2020

The RL Ladies In Red Fashion Show will be presented in collaboration with L’Arte and Studio One Hotel in Studio City on 10 February from 7.30pm.

Oasis Fashion, House of Colour and Abati will showcase their beautiful clothes and L’Arte restaurant will offer drinks and snacks. Put the date in your diary.

 RL Circles News

You can see this month’s Circles Calendar and details of all our circles on our website http://www.arabianranchesladies.com.

Would you like to learn Arabic?

Rana Nazer has kindly offered to start a new Arabic language circle.  If you are interested, join her on Thursday 23rd January at 10am upstairs in Shakespeare’s at AR1 community centre.  Rana will use this meeting to find out what people want to learn (reading/writing, conversation etc) and discuss when/where to meet on a regular basis.
If you cannot attend but would like to join, email Jackie on circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com so we can get an idea of numbers

Contact Jackie on circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com if you would be interested in joining any of the circles.

This Month’s Circles

The Walking Fitness Circle has started again every Monday at 7am. Meet Alex outside the main entrance of Ranches community centre for a leisurely walk followed by coffee at Costa

The Pilates Circle is every Wednesday at 2pm. Start the New Year as you mean to go on!


The Yoga Circle meets every Thursday at 8.30am. With walking and pilates too you can really get fit!


The Poetry Circle is on 27 January at 2.30pm and the topic is New Beginnings


Mosaics restarted on 15th and the next meeting is on 29th January at 1pm


The Uni Mums Circle led by Marina is meeting for afternoon tea at Marks and Spencer’s cafe in Festival City at 3pm on 22 January


Egyptian Cookery will meet again on 30th January at Fadwa’s house, come along and learn a style of cookery you may not be familiar with


Newcomer’s Coffee will now be held upstairs at Shakespeare’s cafe on 30 January from 9.30am. Please note the change of date.  Email Helen on ranches.ladies@gmail.com if you would like to come along

Please email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com for more information or to sign up for any of the circles.

Next Trip

Join Us and Book Your Place

Allison’s next trip is to Global Village on 26th January. We all say we intend to go and see what it is all about so here is your chance! Bring bags for all your shopping purchases

Meet at the Golf Club car park at 3.30pm (Global Village opens at 4pm) and bring 55dhs for the entrance fees

email Allison on ranches.ladies@gmail.com to get more information about this great trip


Your RL membership card is your passport to great discounts from our dozens of discount partners.

This week RL is delighted to introduce our discount partners Hamptons Cafe and Just Mop. Look at our webpage http://www.arabianranchesladies.com for details of all our discounts.

HHamptons Cafeamptons Cafe
Arabian Ranches Community Centre
15% off regular all items (does not include packages)
You must show your membership card

JUJust MopSTMOP – Home Cleaning Services
25% off first booking using voucher code Ranches 25
10% off future bookings using voucher code Ranches 10
Only for AR Ladies. Book now through the website or on IOS/Android app  Tel: 0800 JMOP or 8005667

RL Requests

RL is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on your kindness to give a few hours of your time each week to assist the Committee and keep Ranches Ladies running. The easiest way you can help is to volunteer as one of our Meet and Greet ladies if you have a little time once a month.

Please speak to Julia on ranches.ladies@gmail.com for more information about being a meet and greet lady or talk to any of the committee if you think you can help in any other way.

Important Info

Please remember, you need to be a current member of Ranches Ladies to join any of our Circles, attend our trips or claim your discounts. If you know anyone who would like to join Ranches Ladies please bring them on a Tuesday morning and see our website How To Join Our Membership

Email: ranches.ladies@gmail.com      Website: www.arabianranchesladies.com

If you wish to unsubscribe at any time please drop an email to arladiesdubai@gmail.com.