Sunday 22nd January 2017

Ranches Ladies Tuesday Social Morning

 Our Social Mornings meet from 9.30-12.00 in the Baker Finch Room, Arabian Ranches Golf Club.   Please note the programme starts promptly at 10.30 and would ladies please be seated by then

Tuesday 24th January 2017

We welcome back our dear friend Yvette Judge from the Emirates Airline Festival  2017 of Literature


Yvette will  give us sneak preview of this year’s event. As always this is a not to be missed morning


  • Andrea, our Circles Co-ordinator, is looking for someone to assist her with admin and to provide occasional cover on Tuesday mornings.  Anyone interested, please see Andrea or email – click this link to see “How can you help?” 
  • Would ladies please send in to the gmail:  photos from their circles or photos of when you use a discount eg you and the hairdresser with your new hairdo for Steffi to put on Facebook.
  •  If you click on this link  “Make us your favourite”  or  on the link at the top on the  right hand side of this blog it will take you directly to Ranches Lades Facebook page



  • Please click this link to see all our Discounts available  “Discounts for Ranches Ladies”
  • If any members have difficulty obtaining the discounts available please let Angela know,  email her on


  • We wish all our ladies on the trip to the bird observation and archery today a very enjoyable day. 

Other News:

  • We have added a new page showing the Presentation of funds to the  Al Ihsan  Back to School Programme which is shown under “Extras” click this link for details “Al Ihsan”
  • Do click this link  January Photo Gallery for photographs taken last Tuesday – Physiotherapy  by Ally Collishaw
  • Do remember to bring friends along to our Tuesday Coffee Morning so they can see what a friendly bunch you are and all the circles available to join



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