Coffee Morning Events

Programmes for June 2017


Our Social Mornings are every Tuesday from 9.30 am – 12.00 noon in the Baker Finch Room, Arabian Ranches Golf Club.  Please note the programme starts promptly at 10.30 am and would ladies please be seated by then.

 Tuesday 6th June 2017: Beauty Morning

Join us for a fun beauty morning, including demonstrations, with two of our discount partners: Wojooh (cosmetics) & Furless (electrolysis hair removal). What more could a girl want?! Bring a friend!

 Tuesday 13th June 2017: Quiz Morning

Join us for a fun quiz morning and bring a friend or a team!


 Tuesday 20th June 2017: Custom your old jewellery

Our Vice President and talented jewellery designer, Hayet Zerelli, will be demonstrating how to custom our old jewellery.  Bring some of your own pieces that you may be tired with and learn how it can be transformed.