Sunday 21st February 2016

Ranches Ladies Tuesday Social Morning

 Our Social Mornings meet from 9.30-12.00 in the Baker Finch Room, Arabian Ranches Golf Club.   Please note the programme starts promptly at 10.30 and would ladies please be seated by then

Tuesday 23rd February

10th Anniversary of Ranches Ladies and AGM and election for the 2016/2018 Board

Please do  come and vote on matters important to the running of your club.

fireworks         cake celebration

Following the AGM we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Ranches Ladies.  There will be  musical entertainment performed for you.  Please come  it is going to be  such a good morning celebrating Ranches Ladies 10th Anniversary  and catching up with new and old friends. A morning not to be missed



  • We now have permission from the CDA to open our own Ranches Ladies bank account which I hope to do this week.
  •  Sue Fulham would like some ladies to assist her in the following posts with  a view to eventually taking them over:
  •  Help with the programmes – learn how we choose our weekly programmes  and assist with the speaker on a Tuesday morning.
  • Facebook – learn how to load Facebook and how to find material to put on it.
  • Marketing – Help with finding sponsors,  take care of the flyers – where we distribute them or help with marketing ideas and carrying them out.
    Ladies we cannot continue to run the club without more help in these areas
  • We need a new Gardening Circle Leader.  Thank you to Jacqui Daair who led this circle for the past year and took us on several interesting trips.  She is now a busy grandmother going back and forth to London.  See Andrea if you are interested in this post


The Circles listed below meet this week (in addition to our weekly Circles).  Please click on the links below for the circles meeting this week.  Also see our website for full details of all our Circles.


Other News:

  • We wish all our ladies joining the Ladies Lunch on Sunday the 22st and the Literary Lunch on Monday the 22nd  a very enjoyable lunch –  do enjoy yourselves
  • Do click on this link  “How can you help” to volunteer for posts that are vacant.




(for more details, see