30th May 2022

Ranches Ladies Newsletter

Good Morning Ranches Ladies.

As the temperature increases we look forward to the summer holidays.

Hope you have a great week whatever you have planned.

What is your Superpower?

by Ansie van Der Walt

My children used to ask me that if I was a superhero, which super power would I like to have? I always say to be invisible. To be a fly on the wall. Just imagine where you can go and what you can see and hear if you don’t have to explain yourself…Alas, now that I am on the wise side of fifty, it seems my wish has come true. I am invisible. Nobody seems to notice or acknowledge women once they cross that magic bridge of middle age. We have been downgraded to old ladies, aunties, or grannies. Of course, it has its benefits – we don’t have to worry about creepy unwanted attention anymore. At last, we can walk down a street or sit alone at a café without a second glance or unasked-for comments. Don’t get me wrong – I love being the age I am. It is liberating to be free from the angst of youth, to stop worrying about what other people think, and to finally feel comfortable with who I am. I can now give and command attention from those I feel worthy of my time and energy while disregarding the rest – and not feel guilty about it.

It has happened more than a few times, that when I interview creative, smart, accomplished women, they admit to me that they don’t want their pictures published. They don’t show their faces. When I probe a bit, it is always because they fear that once people know that they are an older woman, their work won’t be taken seriously anymore. Unfortunately, many people still believe that anything to do with needlework, textiles, sewing, and handcraft is granny work or housewife duties, and accomplished women don’t want their work to be classified as granny work. Of course, we who work in this field know better but we don’t always work hard enough to publicly disprove this stereotype.I had a recent conversation with an artist who is an accomplished businesswoman, who has two degrees, who is teaching at the university, and who has recently published her first book. She did not want her picture in the book because she feared that her embroidery art will be dismissed as granny work once people realise she is not young anymore.*

I told her that if we don’t show ourselves and claim our place in the world, we are feeding the stereotype, we are erasing ourselves, reinforcing our invisibility. It is up to us to show ourselves. To claim our place as artists and accomplished members of society. I am not a selfie person. I don’t show myself just for the sake of it, and I rarely follow anyone on social media who only posts photos of themselves. But I believe in owning our own power, in showing our worth, in claiming our space. How would people know how bright, smart, and creative we are, if we don’t show ourselves? This is our superpower. Making ourselves visible.

This article is from local textile historian – Ansie van der Walt’s blog: The Fabric Thread.



Reproduced with the author’s permission. Thank you to Saba Asim from the Ranches Ladies Quilters Circle for recommending it.

Summer Reunions

If you are a present or past RL member who lives in the UK, or are visiting this summer, there are a couple of Ranches Ladies reunions being planned.

Sue Fulham is organising a reunion lunch in London on 8th July.

Mary Harvey is planning a reunion in Edinburgh in late July or early August.

Please contact Carole Binbrek via WhatsApp if interested and she will forward the message to Sue or Mary. You can also email ranches.ladies@gmail.com.

Tuesday Mornings

Coffee mornings at Larte

Ranches Ladies are meeting on Tuesday mornings for coffee at Larte Restaurant in Studio One Hotel, Studio City (across the roundabout from the back entrance of Arabian Ranches 1) from 10.30am – 12pm. It is a great chance for existing Ranches Ladies members to catch up and for new ladies to find out about membership and activities.

Our website is http://www.arabianranchesladies.com and you can find us on FB and Instagram as Ranches Ladies

To join the Ranches Ladies Whatsapp group if you are a member, please email ranches.ladies@gmail.com

If you have any items for the newsletter please send to arladiesdubai@gmail.com (by Friday afternoon for inclusion in the next Monday newsletter)

RL Circles News

Several circles will not be meeting during the summer months including Quilters, Story telling, Gardening, Hiking and the International Lunch Circle.

There will be no French in June except for the first week (Friday 3rd June). They may meet in July/August if enough people are around.

The Poetry Circle have their last meeting today, until September.

Please check the Circles Calendar for June on the website.

Trip to the Museum of the Future

On Wednesday 25th May, seven Ranches Ladies had a great time at the new Museum of the Future, followed by a delicious lunch at Emirates Towers.

Walking Circles

The Walking Circle, led by Alex, are doing their last walk outside today until September.

Instead, during June, July and August, they will move to walk indoors starting from Monday, June 6th 2022 at a new time of 9am to avoid heavy traffic. They will meet at “Dubai Hills Mall” outside Marks and Spencer’s and will walk for one hour and have coffee afterwards.

The Beach Walking Circle, led by Monika, are meeting at Kite beach (Blue Villas parking) on Thursdays at 6.30am.

Please email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com for more information on either group.

New – Meditative Stitching Circle

The new Meditative Stitching Circle, led by Saba, are meeting on Thursdays from 10am to 12pm.

If you would like to join please email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com

Art Circle

The Art Circle are taking a break during June. They may meet in July and August if enough people are available, on Thursday mornings from 10am to 12 noon.

If you would like to join please email Rajul: circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com for more information.

Book Circle

The Book Circle had a great discussion on 20th May about the novel, ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ by Laura Dave.

The next book for the book Circle is Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall.

They plan to meet on Friday 17th June at 9.30am to discuss this over coffee.

To join or find out more email Jackie at circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com

Climbing Circle

The Climbing Circle had a great session last Wednesday. Their next evening climbing session is planned for Wednesday 1st June 6-8pm at Go Sports, Mall of the Emirates. New members welcome, no experience required. It’s a great fun, indoor, air-conditioned fitness activity for the summer months.

For more information, email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com or send a message to Mandy or Tracy via the WhatsApp RL members group.

Story Telling Circle

The Story Telling Circle had a great time discussing their favourite country on 23rd May. Carole talked about her time in her favourite country, Indonesia, and shared some photographic memories (above). Yasmeen’s favourite place was Iceland Alex’s was Cornwall and Lynne’s was Dubai.

The Story Telling Circle are not meeting again until September. If you would like to join them, please contact Carole or email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com

Yoga Circle

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2021-09-11-at-4.23.59-pm.png

The Yoga Circle, taught by Mariana, is now starting at 8am instead of 8.30am and there is an extra class on Tuesdays at 5.30pm.   

Contact circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com for more information or to join.

Literary Lunch Circle

The Literary Lunch Circle are currently reading ‘Songbirds’ – a stunning novel about the disappearance of a Sri Lankan nanny and how the most vulnerable people find their voices – by Christy Lefteri, the prize-winning author of The Beekeeper of Aleppo. They plan to meet to discuss the book over lunch on Monday 20th June. All are welcome.

To join or find out more, please contact Ashfaa at circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com

Pilates Circle

The Pilates Circle has now started on Thursday afternoons 2-3pm, at Optimal Fitness in Studio City. Gillian from Optimal Fitness is teaching the class and there is space for more ladies to join.

Please email Email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com for more information.

Shanghai Circle

The Shanghai Circle are meeting to play from 2.30-4.30pm on Fridays. If you would like to join them, please email  Supriya: circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com

If you have a different hobby or interest and would like to start a new circle, please let us know.

Email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com for information on any circles.

Mosaics Circle

The Mosaics Circle, led by Ayesha, are now meeting on both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in Green Community East, DIP.

No experience is needed. To join or for more details, email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com 

If you have a different hobby or interest and would like to start a new circle, please let us know.

Email circles.ranches.ladies@gmail.com for information on any circles.

More Short Articles Needed!

We need more short (200 to 300 words) articles with photos for this newsletter on what you have been getting up to in your Circle groups or any topics you think would be of interest to other RL members.

If you would like to contribute please email arladiesdubai@gmail.com


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