Sunday Post 19th March 2017

Ranches Ladies Tuesday Social Morning

 Our Social Mornings meet from 9.30-12.00 in the Baker Finch Room, Arabian Ranches Golf Club. Please note the programme starts promptly at 10.30 and would ladies please be seated by then.

Tuesday 21st March 2017

Pam’s Metro Fit  

This week we are joined by Pam, from Pam’s Metro Fit, who will demonstrate the NIA dance fitness technique. Nia combines martial arts, modern dance arts and yoga in a workout set to music.  It is a high energy, low impact, barefoot dance workout combining 52 simple moves. Join us (and join in!) to find out all about Nia and how it can improve your fitness.


  • The Eve Michelle fashion morning was a great success. Please click this link to check out the photos on our website 14th March 2017 Eve Michelle Fashion Morning
  • Congratulations to Lorna on the success of her two new Circles which met for the first time last week.  Cultural Cooking with Leila and the Ladies Lunch at Media One. Thanks Lorna!
  • Please be prepared to give your RL membership number to Circle leaders when you attend a Circle, thank you.  All Circle members have to be members of RL as per the terms of our RL licence.
  • REMINDER: We are looking for someone to take over as the Discount Co-ordinator
  • Prizes always needed for our monthly raffles. They should be new and something you think other ladies would like.


  • Please note the new Circles email for any communications is
  • Ladies Lunches Circle – join us on Sun 9th April for a lavish buffet at Kaleidoscope, Palm Jumeirah. Please see website for full details.
  • Book Circle – Sun 19th March, 10am at AR Golf Club. Please note venue has changed back to the golf club for all meetings.
  • Cinema Circle on a Monday will not take place in future when the day clashes with a RL lunch or trip.
  • Sewing Circle will not take place this Monday due to the trip to the Falcon hospital
  • Please click this link to see our Circles calendar for this month  Circles Activities


  • Please click this link to see all our Discounts available; Wojooh and Awair are our most recent additions.  Discounts for Ranches Ladies

Trips: Join us and book your place

Ranches Ladies visit to the Falcon hospital in Abu Dhabi is on Monday 20th; the bus will leave the AR Golf Club at 8am, return at 3pm.