Sunday 28th August 2016

Ranches Ladies Tuesday Social Morning

 Our Social Mornings meet from 9.30-12.00 in the Baker Finch Room, Arabian Ranches Golf Club.

Tuesday 30th August  2016

Ladies we still meet for coffee at Arabian Ranches Golf Club throughout the Summer Months.  There are no programmes, however we meet for an  informal coffee morning to catch up with old friends, make new ones and enjoy a leisurely morning. Do come along and join us and perhaps bring  new friends with you.  Full programme will recommence in September

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Ever wondered what Ranches Ladies get up to on a Tuesday morning?  Well we’ve penned a little verse to give you an idea. More of the same resumes in September.  We’d love you to come and join us:

Penguins, rhinos, dogs and cats 

Bangles, beads and gorgeous hats 

Cooks and books, nutrition too 

All of these we share with you 

Cooks, books, good things to eat

Singing and dancing and tapping our feet 

Quizzes and games for all to take part 

Drawing and painting – we’re quite good at art!

We’ve learnt so much about everything 

We’ve really thought outside the box 

But what we seem to love the most 

Is …. Frocks  …. Frocks  …. FROCKS !!



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