Sunday 13th December 2015

Ranches Ladies Tuesday Social Morning

 Our Social Mornings meet from 9.30-12.00 in the Baker Finch Room, Arabian Ranches Golf Club.   Please note the programme starts promptly at 10.30 and would ladies please be seated by then


Tuesday 15th December 2015

Christmas Coffee Morning in Carole’s Beautiful Garden


This is our last coffee morning event for 2015 and is being held in Carole’s Garden.  Tickets are sold out.  Many thanks to all those who have offered to help on this Tuesday morning. A happy and festive morning to look forward to for everyone

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Ranches Ladies and their families


  •  We will start our programmes again in the New Year with our Mystery Speaker Series on Tuesday the  5th of January. The theme will be New Year’s Customs Around the World.
  • Thank you to Sue Fulham for a great day out at the Singing Circles Desert Picnic, one of the magical highlights of our annual calendar.
  • The monthly raffle for club funds raised 1400 dir  last Tuesday a wonderful amount mainly due to contributions from Anne Archibald and Spinneys.  Thanks for your generosity ladies.
  • Thanks to our new Lunching Out Circle Leader Nicky, who organised a lunch for 18 ladies at the Rivington Grill.  We all enjoyed one  of the best Christmas lunches I’ve ever had in my life overlooking the Burj Khalifa and  the fountains.
  • Many thanks to all the ladies who were turned into living Christmas trees at  last Tuesday’s party. Silke won first prize as a ‘Dior’ Christmas Tree. Thanks to Sue for the music and the Flash Mob scene, to Wendy for room setup, to the Golf Club for prizes and to Sandra for the décor.


The Circles listed below meet this week (in addition to our weekly Circles).  Please see our website for full details of all our Circles.

Please click on this link December Calendar for changes in Circle Activities during December

Other News:

  • Check out all the lovely pictures taken by Yvonne of last Tuesdays party now on the December Gallery
  • Do remember to come along to  the  Singing Circle ‘s Tree Lightning at the Golf Club on Saturday the 19th December, a very popular annual event. Lots of Carols and fun.
  • This will be our last Sunday Post for 2015 do look out for the next Sunday Post on the 3rd January 2016


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