Expo 2020 Dubai

This new page is a chance for Ranches Ladies members to share their experiences of Expo 2020 Dubai. If you would like to contribute, please email ranches.ladies@gmail.com

My Expo Experience

By Nardos Belay

Dubai has done it again! Another spectacular show was witnessed by millions at the inauguration ceremony of the long-awaited Expo 2020! It’s great to be part of this exciting milestone for us residents of Dubai! People from around the globe will be flocking to be part of this six-month long event of amazing presentations and showcases held by the attending 192 nations that will demonstrate the best of what each nation offers to humanity and its future progress. The expo venue is set in three districts, Sustainability Mobility and Opportunity. The motto is “Connecting Minds Creating the Future”. This means fostering creativity, innovation and collaboration between countries, culture and institutions and inspiring visitors to think in new ways in order to develop shared solutions”.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of different cuisines to choose from. As a gathering of different cultures, new technologies and unique ideas, curious minds can attend the Expo as it is going to give a glimpse of what the future holds for the world in one place. It Creates a unique interactive space where countries and people will have the opportunity to learn from each other and exchange ideas and create partnerships for future investments.

The amazing inauguration ceremony is a promise more exciting events will follow. The ceremony was graced by the presence of world-renowned musicians like Andrea Bocelli,  artists and performers and more .The costumes, lighting and performance displayed was outstanding. 

The venue looks so vibrant and lots and lots of exhibits happening on the opened pavilions. Especially at night the lighting around each area is unique and exciting for kids as well as adults. You can travel around the world without leaving Dubai. Don’t forget to purchase expo passports and  collect stamps from each pavilion.

Coffee Ceremony in the Ethiopian Pavilion

From my visit yesterday to celebrate the opening of my country’s pavilion, Ethiopian Pavilion, as yesterday was World Coffee Day (Coffee is first discovered in Kaffa region of Ethiopia that’s where it gets its name from), coffee was being celebrated, with traditional coffee ceremonies, music and dance within the pavilion. Go and visit and have a free cup of coffee throughout this month. Will have some other article on that some other time. You can also have a chance to see ‘Lucy or Dinknesh’, the oldest human remains ever found on earth, in a glass display. 

Transportation from parking to venue is provided. There are long queues at security checks as well as ticket check points. Comfortable shoes, hat glasses, an umbrella and backpack, stroller if you have kids and comfortable breezy cloth is advised as it gets so hot especially in the afternoon. Sanitization stands are provided throughout the venue. Lots of expo assigned people are there to help out if you need any information or help. 

Get ready to be amused and thrilled with family and friends. We hope to see some of our RA ladies who visit and participate and will be able to share some pictures or videos of the events they participated in with us all.

Go grab a comfortable attire and enjoy a day out with family and friends or alone. A day is not enough to see it all so season tickets are better. Ranches circle might plan a day out at expo soon too, tune in on the newsletter.