President’s Monthly Message

JUNE 2018


Dear Ladies

The full summer heat is on us and we are already half way through Ramandan.  Many of us are preparing to fly to cooler climes for the summer and I’m off to Scotland on 7th June.  

We had 5 programmes in May.  The first was a Jewellery Workshop by Hayet.  She showed how to enhance our own jewellery with added pieces and we were able to see her own wonderful collection.  

Next Heike attracted a large crowd of 57 ladies to watch her talking about sushi and demonstrating how to make it as well as German sourdough bread.  Ranches Ladies had it’s very own Royal Wedding Street Party with wonderful decor by Lorna and a programme of games and a quiz by Connie and the Scottish Dancers danced a wedding dance, Strip with Willow.    

The following week we had an interesting card playing session led by Supriya, our Mahjong and Shanghai circles leader. We learned to play Shanghai and found it fascinating. Lastly I gave a talk on Face Shapes and using Hayet’s jewellery collection demonstrated using RL models how to wear necklaces and earrings for their face shapes.

We had several new discounts , 10% at Drs Nicolas and Asp clinics for RL members and their families, both medical and dental.  25% off first clean and 10% off subsequent cleans with Justmop, 10% off at Tania’s Teahouse in Jumeirah and 15% off Facil Blanco Authentic Italian linen, online.  Thank you Caroline for sourcing these discounts.

4 Circles gave exhibitions  of their work in the entrance room, both Carl’s Art Circles,  Mosaics, Leatherwork and Photography Circles. What a lot of talent there is in Ranches Ladies.  Thanks to all the leaders of these circle and to Angela for organising.

Thanks to Silke for running the German Circle.  She is leaving us soon. Thanks for doing do much work for Ranches Ladies Silke. Lorna’s Lunching Out Circle enjoyed a very delicious French lunch at Maison de Juliette at La Mer.  It was hot, humid and windy weather and the lunch cheered us up no end. Thanks Lorna.

Our trip this month was to The Pearl Museum.  This is a private collection of Gulf Pearls and the story of the men who risked their lives pearl fishing before oil was found. Thank you Allison.  

Sheikh Zayed Humanitarian Work Day is on June 3rd this year, the 100th anniversary of his birth, so do try to help others less fortunate than ourselves on this day.

Eid Mubarak to all our Moslem members and their families when it comes and I’ll see you all in September.