President’s Monthly Message

October 2018


Dear Ranches Ladies

As this is my first announcement as the new President of Ranches Ladies I would firstly like to say thank you for your warm welcome and all the encouragement I am receiving as I take the helm of this wonderful organisation set up by Carole. I hope I do you proud.

We are already having a great start to the new season and it is lovely to see the return of so many familiar faces and to meet all our new members. I want to extend a warm welcome to everyone who has just joined us.

We have had a great range of speakers and events at our Tuesday social mornings from September. We started the season with a visit from House Hunters Real Estate Dubai followed by Dr Doreen with her veterinary tales. We were then joined by the alzheimer’s organisation 4-Get-Me-Not and Privilee membership club.  Angela and her team of circle leaders excelled themselves with our fantastic fun filled Big Circles Morning which was attended by over 80 ladies. Many thanks to them for all their hard work and a most successful morning.

Caroline, our discounts co-ordinator, has reached that fabulous stage of her pregnancy when it’s time to down tools and get ready for the new addition to the family. We are sad to see Caroline go and we wish her all the very best. We thank her for her work on RL Discounts of which many ladies enjoy the benefits.

We also welcome Clementina as our newly appointed programme manager and wish her well in her new post. If you have any ideas on a social morning programme do get in touch with Clementina on

Thank you ladies for your kind attention and support and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Connie Wheeler

RL President.