Sunday Post 3rd May 2015

Tuesday Social Morning

Tuesday  May 5th

This week we are launching our new Mystery Guest-Speaker series.

Mystery Guest

On the first Tuesday of each month, we’ll invite Circle Leaders and representatives of the businesses from whom we receive discounts to join us.  Circle Leaders will have the opportunity to share about the activities of their Circle.  Representatives of businesses offering discounts will have the opportunity to tell us about their business and about the discounts available to us.  Join us and hear about more of the exciting opportunities available to us through our membership with Ranches Ladies!

(for more details, see


  • Update on our friend, May!  May is currently back home resting and awaiting more results.  She will know on Tuesday what further treatment she may need.  In the meantime she thanks everyone for their kind concern.



Focus Circle of the Week!

This week we take a special look at our Photo Books and Crafts Circle.


Would you like to print a book with your own photos that looks really professional? If you have a laptop, Andrea can show you how.  Come join our informal circle for scrappers and crafters and make new friends. We meet twice a month on Wednesday, anytime from 11.30am – 3pm.  See website for more details.


These Circles meet this week.  Follow the link to our website for further details.

These Circles meet on a weekly basis.  Follow the link to our website for further details.

Other News

  • Cathy is still in need of new Meet & Greet Ladies, if you would like to help please see Cathy on Tuesday’s Social Morning
  • Check out our discount page for lots of discounts
  • Please note!  Our President, Carole Binbrek, is always available to chat with members and to hear your suggestions and concerns and to answer your questions.